Your Holiday Decorations Could Be At Risk For Mold Growth

The holiday season is approaching, and as you bring out your seasonal decorations, it’s important to protect them from mildew or mold. Storing decorations in basements or attics can expose them to excess moisture due to the humidity and lack of ventilation in these areas. Underground basements are particularly vulnerable to moisture seepage through cracks in the foundation walls, which can damage not only the foundation but also the contents stored inside.

Holiday Cheer! Don't Let Moldy Decorations Ruin Your's 1Most decorations are stored in airtight containers, preventing air circulation. However, this traps excess moisture inside, which can seep into the materials and cause them to break down. Fabrics, wood, and glue are particularly vulnerable to this moisture, leading to moldy decorations.

Protect Your Decorations From Mold and Mildew

  • Since your decorations are stored in an area where humidity is increased, you want to dehumidify the air both inside the storage containers, and in the surrounding area. A small dehumidifier is perfect for the job. You want the humidity level in your attic or basement to ideally be below 30%-50%.
  • You may even be able to find a small dehumidifier that can be stored right inside the container with your decorations. This will prevent any moisture from being trapped inside the container to fester with your trinkets.
Holiday Cheer! Don't Let Moldy Decorations Ruin Your's 2

Reverse The Damage Done To Your Moldy Decorations

Your decorations are stored in the same area for the majority of the year. We only break them out when we are ready to use them again for the holidays. Imagine how musty they could have gotten just sitting there all that time! Most decorations weren’t designed to be cleaned, so it is our responsibility to protect them from excess moisture in the air. Whether you store your decorations in your attic, basement, or garage, there is a chance that the dank environment has done some damage. You may have even noticed an odor emanating from the area or the decorations themselves. Don’t worry, there are steps you can take to reverse the harm that has been done.


  • Some decorations may be able to be cleaned. Glass and ceramic ornaments, along with any metal or plastic items should be relatively easy to salvage. However they are generally fragile so use caution if you choose to do so. If you are going to try to salvage your precious keepsakes from the damage of mold or mildew, do not use bleach. Hot water and some dish soap can do the trick. Be sure that you are wearing gloves and a medical mask while handling mold and mildew. Remember to thoroughly clean out your sink after you are done.
  • As previously mentioned, a dehumidifier can be used to prevent excess moisture from getting to your decorations. However it can also be used to remove excess moisture that is already present. Leave the dehumidifier in the area in which your decorations are stored. A few days later you will notice a huge difference! It can even improve the musty odor that has gotten stuck on your decorations.
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Is It Too Late To Salvage My Moldy Decorations?

Sometimes if a moisture issue goes unnoticed for too long, the damage can be irreversible. Signs of water and mold damage can include dark stains on wood, or a white chalky substance found in the area or on the decorations. If you suspect the problem is bigger than just moldy decorations, do not take matters into your own hands. Improper cleaning of mold or mildew can make matters worse. For the safety of you and your family, you should always contact a professional mold cleanup company to assess your home. Don’t let the inconvenience of your moldy decorations put a damper on your holiday season.

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