Certified Mold Inspection, Testing, Mold Remediation and Prevention.

Mold! It’s sneaky. It’s nasty. It’s unhealthy. Is it in your home or business?

Whether your environmental needs are complex or simple, Raleigh Mold is a full- service mold and indoor air quality company. With a certified staff and reasonable pricing, we pride ourselves on the ability to solve your mold, water, and indoor air quality problems quickly and economically.
Raleigh Mold services Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, Holly Springs, Sanford and the surrounding areas in NC.

Raleigh Mold Specialize in the following

  • Residential and Commercial Mold Inspection and Remediation
  • Crawl Space and Basement Mold Removal
  • Interior Mold Remediation and prevention
  • Basement Mold Remediation
  • HVAC Vents
  • Interior/Exterior Prevention Up To 25 years
  • Closed Crawl Spaces
  • Drainage Systems
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Germ Proofing
  • Odor Control

Crawl space and basement mold removal and remediation

When your crawl space or basement begins to grow mold it can cause structural problems and the mold spores may get into your home. If this happens, your house can smell as the mold spores grow and may cause you or your family to experience mold symptoms.
Please contact us for a Free Crawl Space Mold Inspection.

Mold Inspection

mold inspection

Musty smell or water damage can be the start of mold in you home or business. Call the experts at Raleigh Mold for your Mold Inspection.

Mold Inspection

Mold Removal

raleigh mold Removal remediation

Mold is a very powerful fungi. It has the ability to destroy both your health and the value of your home if left untreated.

Mold Removal

Crawl Spaces

raleigh mold crawlspace crawl space

If your crawl space begins to rot, grow mold, or experience structural problems, this will extend to every part of your home. Call us for your Free Crawl Space Inspection.

Crawl Spaces


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